Niki in greek means victory.

So Nikipress is really just another way of saying Victory Press. There are three domains . Nikipress.com , Nikipress.org and Nikipress.club. All three synergise together to create a suite of good news blogs from all over the world. The .com site is for cities , the .org site is for organisations and the .club site is for people excited about the vision.

What the nikipress suite of sites aim to do is to focus people’s attention on positive outcomes.To show the world and believers at large that faith in Jesus Christ pays off. To show that there is a living hope for their situations. We know and experience these victories individually and corporately but do we experience them in a unifying way for the body of Christ ? ┬áCan we for the first time in the history of the body of Christ actually experience a coming together of all the different members of the body of Christ in Victory. Do we have testimonies to share with one another that will release the Spirit of Prophecy over the earth ?

Aren’t we tired of being told what the news is ? Why don’t we share the news we want to hear of and ignore the news that’s destructive and fear inducing ? The answer is because our money rests on a foundation of fear. We don’t care much for good news because there is no profit in it. This shouldn’t deter us from sharing good news with one another. The bible says that we will overcome by the blood of the lamb, viz. the testimony of Jesus , and the word of our testimony. This is how we beat the darkness.

We aim to facilitate the sharing of testimonies within a network of blogs environment. Steady as she goes. Rome wasn’t built in a day. This network has taken quite a while to get where it is currently.

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